Michaela Vojtechovska

Hi! My name's Michaela Vojtechovska

I love creating maps
& full-stack apps

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Black and white map of Olomouc

Data analyses, GIS & map-making

The spatial analysis and GIS is the heart of my work with data but is not the only one. I also build models, or create "artsy" maps for fun!

My main tools as an analyst and cartographer are R and QGIS. But sometimes also Python, ArcGIS PRO or SQL-based databases.

Maps & analyses portfolio
black and white map of Olomouc black and white map of Olomouc black and white map of Olomouc

Web apps development

As a front-end developer, I usually use vanilla JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for fun and performance! But I have some experience in React and Gatsby as well.

In the back-end, I prefer a combination of PHP & MySQL databases. I used it, e.g., for a text RPG Harry Potter game with a heart-warming community, real-time play rooms, spells, hidden factions, and economy.

Apps & webs portofolio
black and white map of Olomouc

Collecting data in the field

During my studies and internship at the Czech Hydrometeorological Office, I partook in many fieldworks. E.g., in in-situ data collection on a glacier in Norway or hydrological measurements in the rivers of Czechia.

I also gained experience in organizing public hearings on urban development documents, for which I was a co-author. I owe that to my previous job.

black and white map of Olomouc black and white map of Olomouc


  • Geoinformatics and cartography

    • Master's degree | Olomouc, Czechia
    • 09/2021 - present
  • Applied geography and geoinformatics

    • Bachelor's degree | Brno, Czechia
    • 09/2017 - 06/2021
  • Geosciences

    • Erasmus study stay | Oslo, Norway
    • 08/2019 - 12/2019
black and white map of Olomouc